Leading IT NZ: For Hosting and Web and Software Development

Leading IT NZ is a company specializing in IT Solutions and Support catering Hosting and Web and/or Software Development based in New Zealand. It was founded late 2015 offering managed information technology solutions and support for various companies across New Zealand. It started as a small company offering limited services. However, it standout even after months upon its opening and got noticed by NAZ as an NZ bachelor runner up that came 2nd in 2016. Leading IT has also been featured in NZ Herald Spy Magazine 2018 – NAZ E-commerce Website Launch. Though the company may have been fresh to the industry, Leading IT is showcasing great potential in handling clients and services. They give highest precautions to protect the customer’s personal information of anyone who will be using the platform that they offer. Leading IT keeps records with utmost confidentiality. With this, Leading IT is attracting more customers and gaining trust from small to large companies and high profile personalities.

What are the services offered?

With the demand needs of New Zealand companies, Leading IT widens their services and offerings to software development and web solutions. Leading IT is currently under partnership and evolving rapidly as the demands of the customers changes. Recent satisfied customers are New Zealand Celebrity’s for their online presence such as Real Housewives of Auckland for example Anne Batley Burton known as the Champagne Lady. In addition are high profile clients that are popular in New Zealand. It may be their celebrities or top 50 Restaurants and or Bars in New Zealand.

Aside from websites solutions and software development, Leading IT NZ now offers services in packages in tune to customers’ demands. The newly offered packages are as follows Un-Managed Hosting, Standard Managed Hosting, Premium Managed Hosting, Small Business Starter Package, Platinum Business Starter Package, Enterprise Business Start Package, Mobile & Web App Development and On-site and Off-site Marketing. These packages come in different services offerings and different quoted prices. Details of these packages may be reviewed at their website www.leadingit.co.nz.


Leading IT goal in 2019 is to expand packages offerings within a month. With the fast progress of the customers’ demands, Leading IT is open into expanding its human resource. For interested customers, you can go directly to their Websites or make a call contacts are found on the right side of their Websites and just a click away.

Our Team

Alex Da Gama
Account Manger
Troy Greenfield
Designer & Front-End Developer Specialist
Stefan Brown
Partner Shareholder & Software Developer

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